• X-Rays

    We maintain our own X-Ray department, with results read while you wait by both an emergency room physician and a skilled radiologist.

  • Lab tests

    Diagnostic testing including blood, urine, strep cultures and more are handled immediately by trained lab technicians, on-site, to enable our physicians to treat you better, and to treat you quickly. Employment screenings and other routine testing are available.

  • Casting/Fracture suite

    We are fully equipped to provide closed fracture reduction and casting on site.

  • Complex Procedure Suites

    Two complex procedure suites provide our emergency medical team with the space, equipment and support to treat more advanced cases. Intravenous IV hydration and antibiotics, wound debriding and suturing, respiratory distress and other ailments can all be treated here, usually eliminating the need for hospital treatment.

  • And all the usual ailments

    Whether it’s aches and pains, sprains and strains, coughs and colds or cuts and bruises, we treat them all. Don’t suffer and don’t make things worse with a long wait in an uncomfortable emergency room. Just walk in.